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Timesheet Panda saves you money by saving you time. Unlike so many homegrown timekeeping systems, Timesheet Panda harnesses the power of the internet to automate your employees’ timesheets. No more sloppy handwriting to deal with. No more time stealing. No more manual payroll calculations.

Take back control of your payroll system

take-img1 When you run a business, you’re forced to put a lot of faith in your employees’ integrity. Unfortunately, even your best employees may try to take advantage of you from time to time. Whether it’s intentional or done by accident, your business is probably losing money to imprecise timekeeping.
Implementing Timesheet Panda allows you to stay informed and take back control.

Know that the job is getting done

job_img1 The reputation of your business depends on your employees. Are they punctual? Do they work when they’re supposed to be working or are they slacking off somewhere?
Timesheet Panda covers the bases for all the times that you can’t.
  • Track employees from any computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Receive instant alerts for late starts or early departures
  • Instant timesheet reporting guarantees accuracy
  • Provide managers authority to edit timesheets

Schedule (and reschedule) on the fly

schedule-img1 The bigger your workforce, the more complicated the schedule becomes. In most departments, the shift scheduler is left wondering how the dreaded task fell at their feet.
But with Timesheet Panda, scheduling is a no-brainer.
  • Quickly draw up schedules for the next day, week, or month
  • Customize shifts according to location, pay rate, and title
  • Enable employees to facilitate their own shift switches
  • Insert vacations and days off far in advance
  • Keep all employees informed with instant shift updates by email or text message

Payroll processing that is easy. Like, really easy

processing-img1The only thing more horrible than setting up the schedule is processing payroll. We understand your situation. Make an overpayment mistake, and catch hell. Make an underpayment mistake, and catch hell again. To avoid mistakes, you spend an eternity painstakingly checking hours, break times, and overtime parameters.
Not anymore. With Timesheet Panda you can process payroll faster than it takes you to read these bullets:
  • Automatic inclusion of overtime rates for qualifying employees
  • Clearly defined categories for standard pay, bonus pay, and mileage compensation
  • Easily access reports for a single employee or your whole team
  • Simply select the start/end dates for the payroll period and click a button (we said it was easy, didn’t we?)

Powerful tools for location-independent employees

Few businesses require all of their employees to stay in one place for the whole day. If you have employees on the go, you need special tools to guarantee your success.

Stay on track no matter what

track-img1 Timesheet Panda utilizes a task administration system for employees that can manage projects remotely, no matter where they are.
  • Quickly and easily create new tasks with clear deadlines
  • Assign projects to individuals or teams
  • Upload, share, and submit files instantly
  • Provide a resource for your teams to tackle new challenges
  • Oversee your projects from any computer, tablet, or smartphone

Clock in from wherever you say

Clock-img1Not all employees operate out of the same office day in and day out. If you have employees who make house calls, deliveries, repairs, or external sales you need flexibility with your timekeeping.
But just because your employees work out of the office doesn’t mean they’re on their own. Mobile time reporting makes sure that the boss remains the boss.
  • Employees can clock time remotely with a smartphone
  • Our mobile app enables real-time GPS tracking to confirm everyone is where they belong
  • Easily add mileage for compensation
  • All tracking data for managers remains available even on a smartphone

Totally safe and customizable experience

We’re not sure why you like your old manual timekeeping system, but we think it has to do with the fact that it does exactly what you need it to.

Good news: so does ours.

Fits like a finely tailored suit

like-img1 Timesheet Panda is designed to be simply customized for your needs.
  • Upload your logo to your company’s unique login URL
  • Establish timesheet parameters (like paid vs unpaid breaks and clock-out rounding) from day one
  • Set up designated work locations such as offices and suppliers’ headquarters
  • Create and print phone lists, schedules, attendance reports and more
  • Sync your overtime requirements with government or company regulations

Take comfort in top-of-the-line security

security-img1With industry-leading security measures in place to protect your company’s and your employees’ information, you can rest easy knowing that both your payroll and your data is safe and sound.
Timesheet Panda offers safeguards in the form of:
  • Employee-specific login credentials
  • Optional user login snapshots (on certain devices)
  • 128-bit SSL encryption to deter hackers
  • Protection against the threats posed by unsecured WiFi networks
  • Regular data backups stored off of your main device
  • Powerful firewall protection
  • Vigilant physical security present at our data centers around the clock

The reason you run a business is to make money, right? Timesheet Panda makes boosting your bottom line easier by eliminating inefficiencies in your timekeeping system, improving employee accountability, and greatly reducing the amount of time you spend validating and processing payroll.

Make more money. Click here to sign up for Timesheet Panda today. (You did know it’s free, right?)